Hospital Medicine

Milwaukee, WI

Job Description
Aurora Medical Group, Inc. - Milwaukee, WI
Job Title: Hospitalist 
Duties: The Hospitalist at Aurora Medical Group, Inc, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin will provide and manage comprehensive and continuous primary medical care medical services to adolescent, adult, and elderly patients admitted to a hospital for medical reasons or surgery for the duration of patients’ admission.  The services will include the hospital-based examination, assessment, diagnosis, non-surgical treatment and management of both common and complex acute and non-acute illnesses and disorders affecting the eyes, ears, skin, bones as well as nervous, reproductive, digestive/excretory, respiratory, circulatory and vascular systems.  

Will analyze pre- and post-admission records, reports, test results and/or examination information to diagnose and assess medical condition(s) of patients and then will treat patients by prescribing or administering medication, therapy, vaccination, or other specialized medical care; record patient medical history during hospital admission; maintain close communication with referring physicians; and refer patients to medical specialists or specialized hospital services when necessary.
Minimum Requirements: Medical Degree ("M.D.") or its foreign degree equivalent, completion of an accredited residency program in Internal Medicine and possession of a State of Wisconsin medical license.
Aurora Medical Group, Inc.'s ongoing employee referral program does apply to this position.