Our recruiters

Our experienced and knowledgeable recruiters are here to help you find the right fit for your future. 

Tina Baxa , Physician Recruiter

I enjoy being a part of a dynamic multi-specialty group and building rapport with candidates by using transparent communications.  I look for diverse and creative ways to source to find the best candidates to fit in our family friendly community.

Service Area: Western suburbs of Chicago

Specialties: Primary Care, Dermatology, Infectious Disease, Pulmonology, Surgery-Orthopedic, Sports Medicine, Otolaryngology, Psychology
Rebecca (Becky) Bork , Physician Recruiter

Physician recruitment is a great professional ‘fit’ for me as I am a people person. Having direct conversations and helping physicians find a good ‘fit’ for their personal and professional life is as important to them as it is to our organization and the patients we serve. I am proud to be a part of a dedicated team of recruiters who are committed to building a strong foundation of providers to support our organization and our commitment to provide access and high quality care.

Service Area: Greater Chicago Metropolitan area

Specialties: Neurology, Hospital Medicine
Joylynn Brink
Joylynn Brink , MBA, FASPR - Manager, Clinician Recruitment

I find my job as a primary care recruiter extremely rewarding because I believe primary care physicians play an invaluable role in helping our patients achieve their health goals. I am proud to work for an organization that values providing high quality care in the communities we serve.

Joylynn recruits for the Greater Milwaukee South, Racine, Kenosha and Northern Illinois markets, she also is the recruiter for Aurora locations in Jefferson and Waukesha Counties. 

Specialties: Family Medicine, Family Medicine Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine Pediatrics, Pediatrics, Urgent Care
Jim Brown
Jim Brown , FASPR - Physician Recruiter

As a recruiter, I want to understand what is important to candidates from a practice perspective as well as community interest to be able to find the best fit long term for both the candidate and Aurora Health Care. I like to work with candidates based on their timeline and make sure that timely follow up with candidates occurs. Keeping open and direct communication is also important in building a trusting relationship with candidates.

Jim is the Primary Care recruiter for the Greater Milwaukee North and Sheboygan County Markets. 

Specialties: Family Medicine, Family Medicine Faculty, Family Medicine Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine Faculty, Internal Medicine Pediatrics, Pediatrics, Urgent Care
Alison Burki
Alison Burki , FASPR - Sr. Physician Recruiter

I have spent almost the entire first half of my career in various roles in human resources and have been recruiting physicians for the past 16 years. I truly enjoy the daily interaction I have with candidates and learning new things about the specialty. My ultimate goal is to ensure a good fit not only for the organization, but most importantly for the candidates and their families. YOU are the reason I am here. I like to keep conversations light and enjoy using humor when appropriate. I am casual in my approach yet direct in my conversations

Specialties: Affiliations, Anesthesia, Hepatology, Otolaryngology, Pain Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Surgery-Plastic & Reconstructive, Podiatry, Radiology, Surgery Breast, Surgery-Colorectal, Surgery-General, Surgery-Orthopedic, Surgery-Thoracic, Surgery-Cardiothoracic
Angela Chavez , Physician & APC Recruiter

As a Physician & APC recruiter, my goal is guide the candidates and hiring team into making the most informed decision / selection to ensure a good fit. I enjoy getting to know candidates and the key job elements they are seeking; in turn, providing them with a thorough understanding of our position(s) and health care organization. The collaboration with the hiring teams also makes it possible to maintain productive communication with candidates, making for an efficient recruitment process for all involved.

Service Area: Greater Chicago Metropolitan area

Specialties: Emergency Medicine, Behavioral Health Psychiatry, Behavioral Neurology, Endocrinology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Rheumatology, Pediatric Radiology, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Melissa Cullum , APC Recruiter

I have been a recruiter for almost 20 years. I pride myself in building a rapport with my candidates and helping them along their journeys in life. The best feeling in the world is to know that you have helped a caregiver find his/her dream job. I hope to be able to connect many more great caregivers with the right opportunities to serve the health needs of individuals, families and communities.

Service Area: Greater Chicago Metropolitan area

Specialties: Advanced Practice Clinician
Emilee Gabrielson , Physician & APC Recruiter

I am dedicated to recruiting top talent. My goal is to find the best match for the candidate, their family, and the community they will be serving. Playing a part in making that match is very rewarding to me.

Service Area: Greater Chicago Metropolitan area

Specialties: Pediatrics, Pediatric Hospitalists, OB-GYN, Advanced Practice Clinician
Debra Gaines , Physician Recruiter

With years of experience in recruiting, I feel this is my calling and not just a job.  Identifying the best candidate for the organization is important, but equally important is ensuring that the position, organization and community are the best fit for the provider and their family. I try to discover what is unique about each candidate. The more I know, the better I can address their goals and objectives. I want them to be happy when they accept the offer and I want to see them happy every time I pass them in the hallway for years to come.

Service Area: Central Illinois (BroMenn & Eureka)

Specialties: All Specialties for Eurkea and BroMenn
Kelly Geiger
Kelly Geiger , FASPR - Locum Tenens Coordinator

Placing quality board certified locum tenens providers throughout Wisconsin is the most rewarding aspect of my career and I work tirelessly to ensure your experience is gratifying and stress free.

My goal is that as a locum tenens provider you have personalized on-boarding and training so that you can concentrate on our patients and feel at home even though your assignment is temporary.

Specialties: Locum Tenens
Susan Kilpatrick , MA, MSW – Director, Physician Recruitment

I enjoy directing the work of our team as we take on new searches and develop relationships with talented, passionate physicians and APCs who share our commitment to patient care. It is a privilege to be part of their career journey.

Service Area: Illinois

Specialties: Trauma Surgery, Surgery-Plastic & Reconstructive, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Palliative Care, Neurology
Heidi Kopps
Heidi Kopps , Sr. APC Recruiter
My goal as a recruiter has always been to help team members find the right position at the right time in their career. I love hearing people say they have found their dream job and I take pride in knowing that I not only keep our patients healthy, but happy, with the providers that care for them.
Specialties: Advanced Practice Clinician
Jeanette Krimmer
Jeanette Krimmer , FASPR - Physician Recruiter
As a physician recruiter, my goal is to get to know my candidates so well, that they will find the right job within our system and be professionally challenged and personally gratified. I operate with honesty and the best intentions at all times.
Specialties: Oncology-Gynecological, Oncology-Hematolgy, Oncology-Orthopedics, Oncology-Surgical, Oncology, OB-GYN, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Neonatology, Neurology-Interventional, Neurology-Surgery, Neurology, Psychiatry
Stephanie Luedke
Stephanie Luedke , Physician Recruiter
I am a strategic career partner for physicians in Hospital Medicine and Critical Care. My goal is to help you obtain the practice opportunity that meets your interests and skills.
Specialties: Critical Care, EICU, Hospital Medicine, Hyperbaric Wound Care, Intensivist, Palliative Care, Emergency Medicine, Pulmonology
Nancy Mathieu , Physician Recruiter

I work as a strategic career partner with physicians in Pediatric Subspecialties across the Children's Healthcare Enterprise. Naturally curious, I am passionate about finding ways to make sure that you, as a Pediatric Specialist, are engaged professionally and personally with your work, and in how you interact with, and care for our patients and their families. With many years of experience in physician recruitment, I've found that listening well is one of the best assets that I can bring to my role, and the doctor-candidates considering us as their career home.

Specialties: Pediatrics, Pediatric Subspecialties
Ellen Crum
Ellen Mack , FASPR - Physician Recruiter

Helping primary care physicians find the right opportunity in a community where they will be happy and build a successful practice is my goal. Knowing that finding the most qualified physicians, who will make a difference in the lives of the families in those communities, is incredibly rewarding to me.

Ellen recruits for Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Manitowoc, Marinette and Oshkosh patient service markets.

Specialties: Family Medicine, Family Medicine Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine Pediatrics, Pediatrics, Urgent Care
Kelly Opahle
Kelly Opahle , FASPR - Physician Recruiter

Finding the best physician for a position is extremely rewarding. There is nothing better than knowing a physician will be providing quality care to a community based on your hard work and efforts. As a recruiter, I try to put myself in the physician’s shoes and treat him or her how I would like to be treated during a job search. I strive to be responsive, knowledgeable and respectful of my candidate’s time throughout the process.

Specialties: Allergy, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Infectious Disease, Nephrology, Occupational Medicine, Ophthalmology, Optometry, Rheumatology, Cardiology, Urology
Crystal Poppens , Physician Recruiter

Providing guidance to physicians who will be working in our community based outpatient centers or teaching our resident physicians is highly rewarding. Knowing that your work will have an impact on your candidates lives, the quality of resident physicians training and literally change the lives of many patients is an awesome responsibility but one that I greatly enjoy.

Service Area: Greater Chicago Metropolitan area

Specialties: Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine Pediatrics
Andrea Turner , CMSR – Physician Recruiter

My goal is to hire physicians that I would refer my family and friends to. My job is personally rewarding and I am very passionate about recruiting the very best physicians for our patients.

Service Area: Greater Chicago Metropolitan area

Specialties: Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Oncology-Gynecological, Critical Care, Oncology-Hematolgy, Neuro Oncology, Surgery-General, Surgery-Plastic & Reconstructive